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  • Write a product review. Most helpful customer reviews on Amazon. Verified Purchase. I read this book in This year and the previous, as a Product Manager for a web app, I spent a lot, a lot of time finding and reading the best books about UX, Interaction Design, etc.

    4 Steps for Designing the Ideal User Journey

    I actually spent a couple of months only on researching for top-notch books and some eight months on reading them. This book is beyond doubt XXL, heavy-weight expertise. One person found this helpful. This book IS what is trying to explain. A great web-usability book from the navigation point of view quite an important one btw! A total 'must read' for anyone who wants to make any GUI application more user-friendly, easier to understand, hence more productive and pleasant. This is a helpful resource for new and experienced designers, though it is not groundbreaking.

    It's more of a compendium of approaches. I believe the editing was not very thorough, as I found several typos.

    Visual presentation

    I love the content of the book. This book was very informative.

    I received the book just in time for my class. Go to Amazon. Often there are no arrows to control the carousel; only the slide indicator dots are included to advance the slides.

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    However, they are often low contrast, have low discoverability, and lack a large enough clickable or tappable area. The small clickable targets may lead to poor UX, a frustrated website visitor, and a quick exit from the website. For example, the Floresta Longo Foundation website has a rotating carousel of images on its homepage. The previous and next arrows, however, are small and transparent, which makes them hard to spot and challenging to click.

    There are no indicators for the slide visitors are on, and no labels to signify what the images represent. The images are not links and act as pure decoration. While this type of carousel may hold some value for engaging the visitor, overall it leaves a lot to be desired. Web design trends, if not considered carefully and implemented with caution, could lead to several common UX mistakes. UX designers should use their best judgment and not be afraid to innovate, but to ensure great website usability it would serve them well to test their design thoroughly with real-world users.

    In the crazy profusion of web design trends, things in vogue come and go. Amid this chaos, the balanced use of aesthetics, efficiency, and usability plays a significant role in distinguishing the UX trends that have proved to be the strongest and garnered the most user acceptance.

    Web designers can come up with the coolest color scheme, the fanciest scrolling animation, or the most fantastic parallax effects, but if the human interaction suffers as a result, the UX will be poor, and people will quickly move on. Another site is just a click away. Responsive design in web design has many benefits. They can be developed once instead of multiple versions for different devices, and responsive websites adapt to all screen sizes and resolutions, not only on desktop but also on mobile, tablet, and sometimes even TV.

    The reason why we need responsive web design is because businesses without a mobile site will be left behind. What is more, Google ranks websites that are not responsive lower in their search. Other font weights may be heavy, bold, semi-bold, thin, light, etc. Color contrast is the visual difference between two colors. A good way to see contrast is to put one color on top of another. If the colors are high contrast, it will be easy to distinguish one from the other. If they are low contrast, they will appear to blend together.

    Contrast is crucial to color accessibility.

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    Web Navigation: Designing the User Experience - O'Reilly Media

    View all results. UI Design. Bojan Janjanin. Bojan is a senior web designer and front-end developer proficient in UX design with 12 years of experience designing for web and mobile.

    Web Navigation: Designing the User Experience

    Read the Spanish version of this article translated by Yesica Danderfer. Designers should do everything they can to avoid common UX mistakes and putting roadblocks into the user's paths. The sticky header on this site is over pixels tall taking up a lot of the viewable area. Not Considering the Sticky Nav Header UX Issue on Mobile Some people may be using large, high-resolution computer displays where a sticky nav header could speed up interactions, but what about mobile? Apple Human Interface Guidelines Apple is referring to mobile apps, but the same principle applies to websites.

    Examples of thin, light fonts on mobile sites which negatively affect readability.