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Author Jennifer has stories primarily in Scotland and England during the s.

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All the stories depict the adventures and the romances of the Mackenzie family. The central characters are described as Hart, Mac, Ian, and Cam Mackenzie, who are mentioned as being torture geniuses. They love to indulge in dark and sensual love games. The Mackenzies are known to have numerous affairs, each of which is filled with hardcore and passionate sex. They are believed to be wealthy, powerful, eccentric, and dangerous individuals, who end up romancing a woman they set their eyes upon, no matter how much the woman resists or refuses to romance with them.

It is generally considered that a woman seen with the Mackenzies is bound to have her life ruined at one point or the other. Rumors about the tragic violence, dark appetites of the Mackenzies, and their harsh treatment of the mistresses spread far and wide all over Scotland and Victorian England. They are also known to be involved in numerous scandals, but no harm comes to them because of their rich and powerful status. Even the books form part of the series, they can also be read individually as a standalone story is described in every book independent from all others.

However, author Jennifer believes that the readers can enjoy the stories in a better way if they read it in the order of their publishing. Jennifer Ashley is a New York Times bestselling author, who is fond of writing urban fantasy, paranormal romance, historical romance, historical mysteries, and contemporary romance novels.

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The books penned by author Jennifer have been translated into numerous foreign languages. Other than using her original name for writing her books, author Jennifer uses a number of pen names such as Allyson James, Ashley Gardner, etc. Author Jennifer says that she is looking forward to writing many more exciting novels and add them to her tally of successful projects. She has lined up several new books for release, which she expects to get published very soon in the coming days. Jennifer is grateful to all her fans for believing in her and having faith in her work.

She is also thankful that they liked her novels and motivated her to continue coming up with interesting stories at regular intervals.

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Jennifer hopes that she will be able to expand her fan base multiple folds in the next few years. It was released by the Leisure Book publishing in the year He is notorious for his mad deeds and is referred to as Mad Mackenzie. Ian has spent most of his time growing up in an asylum.

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Whoever sees him tends to agree that he is freakingly odd. Another quality that Ian Mackenzie possesses is that of being very handsome and hard. He seems to have great interests in beautiful women and Ming pottery.

Beth Ackerley is introduced in the story as a widow, who suddenly acquires a huge fortune. Beth decides that she is not going to have anymore drama and sadness in her life as she has already experienced enough of both.

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  • The Wicked Deeds of Daniel Mackenzie by Jennifer Ashley.
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  • Her father was an alcoholic, who used to make her work for most of the daytime. Also, her mother used to be ill all the time and Beth had to do her nursing until she died.

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    And now that she has become rich, Beth wishes to gather all the money and move to a peaceful place. She thinks of traveling to exciting places, learning art, and spending time in cherishing her short married life with her deceased husband. But, when Ian Mackenzie sees her for the first time, he feels to make her his mistress forever. Description Daniel Mackenzie lives up to the reputation of the scandalous Mackenzie family-- he has wealth, looks, and talent, and women love him.

    Author s : Jennifer Ashley. Genre: Romance , Historical Fiction. Imprint: Romantic Sounds Audio. This title is part of or scheduled to be part of the following subscriptions:. The Wicked Deeds of Daniel Mackenzie. Narrator s : Angela Dawe. Product Number CL Released: Jan 21, Business Term: Purchase.

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    ISBN: Port No. Send via FTP. Product Number EB Released: Jun 05, Business Term: 2 Year. Publisher: Berkley. Product recommendations. The Seduction of Ell A Mackenzie Family C The Untamed Mackenzi