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Damascus is said to be the oldest of the post- Flood cities still inhabited today.

Before the time of Abraham there were cities in Egypt Numbers A fenced city was a city surrounded by fortifications and high walls, with watch- towers upon them 2 Chronicles ; Deuteronomy There was also within the city generally a tower to which the citizens might flee when danger threatened them Judges There were 6 cities of refuge , 3 on each side of Jordan , namely, Kadesh , Shechem , Hebron , on the west of Jordan; and on the east, Bezer , Ramoth-gilead , and Golan. The cities on each side of the river were nearly opposite each other.

The World of the Old Testament Journeys The Israelites journey from Egypt to Mt Sinai The Journey continues from Sinai to Moab The Israelites move into Canaan The Israelites face continuing opposition The Journeys of Ruth and Samuel Israel becomes a kingdom under Saul and David Judah after the fall of Israel Judah in exile in Babylonia The Exiles return to Judah Isaiah offers comfort to those in exile Jeremiah warns of the destruction of Jerusalem Ezekiel warns of the conquest of Jerusalem Obadiah foretells the punishment of Edom The Jewish World of the Old Testament Judaism and Christianity compared.

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Some Very Compelling Evidence the Tower of Babel Was Real

The etymology of the word "city" suggests it was first used by the Romans to designate any grouping of citizens. It's common usage to denote a community of people larger than a town origination in France circa 13 century and referred to towns large enough to build their own cathedral.

Ergo, there was no one person or people who built the first city so much as the language evolved to accomodate larger conglomerations of people. It was Ur in Sumer Originally Posted by OneJackson. Location: Log home in the Appalachians.

The Cities That Built the Bible by Robert Cargill - Excerpt

It was the city of Byblos which is the Greek name for the Phoenician city of Gebal. It is a Mediterranean city in the Mount Lebanon Governorate of present-day Lebanon under the current Arabic name of Jbeil also referred to as Gibelet during the Crusades. It is believed to have been founded around B. Today it is believed to be by many to be the oldest continuously inhabited city in the world. Here's the proof to back it up: Byblos - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.


Now, do you know why he built the city? Still waiting to be regaled with the answer to the predicate question, Mr Barker!

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Originally Posted by Dusty Rhodes. Ah yes, the bible, a reputable source for fairy tales.