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Should Smes care about subsidiarity?

EVM will be performed in 4 case-study regions. EVM will be conducted in two steps analogue to the well known Delphi-Method. Step one comprises a semi-structured survey of approximately 20 regional experts case-study level. There will be regional decision-makers to be surveyed as well as experts form regional administration authorities, farmers associations, nature conservation organisations, tourist offices, parties etc.

Step two will confront the experts with the group results gained in step one and will generate conclusions and orders of magnitude priorities to regional social demand for multifunctionality. The case study surveys will include a gender dimension to account for genderspecific perceptions and demands regarding land use and settlement in rural areas.

Author / Autor: Gerd Zeitler

End users will participate in subtask 6. A second workshop will be conducted to evaluate and to discuss the mid-term project results. The aim of this workshop is to identify potential needs for project adjustments on the one side.

Cardinal Reinhard Marx on Subsidiarity vs. Solidarity

On the other side, this workshop will formulate tentative suggestions for policy recommendations that can will make the MEA-compatible multifunctionality interpretation conceptually developed at WP 2 more tangible. Recommendations may include preferred institutional arrangements as well as modifications to existing or planned CAP policy measures.

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A third workshop will bring the integration process of the project results to a first climax as the integration is performed as a joint end user-project scientist policy impact analysis. Create relationships with this publication?

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The Comparative Economics of EU ‘Subsidiarity’: Lessons from development/regional economic debates

These and other proposals in our report could help to make the Union more effective and accountable. Some of them would require amendments to the EU treaties, but most would not. Many cynics and pessimists regard the EU as unreformable, but we disagree. But many governments, as well as businesses and civil society, would support a serious agenda for reform.

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Should Smes care about subsidiarity? | Sander Loones

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