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Surface Wave Methods | Environmental Geophysics | US EPA

This particular one would be called a 50 Hz Ricker wavelet, because it has the highest spectral magnitude at the 50 Hz mark—the so-called peak frequency. For a signal even shorter in duration, the frequency band must increase, not just the dominant frequency. What makes this wavelet shorter in duration is not only that it has a higher dominant frequency, but also that it has a higher number of sine waves at the high end of the frequency spectrum.

You can imagine that this shorter duration signal traveling through the earth would be sensitive to more changes than the previous one, and would therefore capture more detail, more resolution. The extreme end member case of infinite resolution is known mathematically as a delta function.

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Composing a signal of essentially zero time duration notwithstanding the sample rate of a digital signal takes not only high frequencies, but all frequencies. This is the ultimate broadband signal, and although it is impossible to reproduce in real-world experiments, it is a useful mathematical construct. Real seismic data, which is acquired by sending wavelets into the earth, also has a representation in the frequency domain. Just as we can look at seismic data in time, we can look at seismic data in frequency.

Spectral Analysis Geophysics by Bath

As is typical with all seismic data, the example below set lacks low and high frequencies: it has a bandwidth of 8—80 Hz. Many geophysical processes and algorithms have been developed to boost or widen this frequency band at both the high and low ends , to increase the time domain resolution of the seismic data.

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Other methods, such as spectral decomposition, analyse local variations in frequency curves that may be otherwise unrecognizable in the time domain. High resolution signals are short in the time domain and wide or broadband in the frequency domain.

Spectral Analysis and Filter Theory in Applied Geophysics

Geoscientists often equate high resolution with high frequency, but that it not entirely true. The greater the frequency range, the larger the information carrying capacity of the signal. This article is a stub. You can help SubSurfWiki by expanding it. Jump to: navigation , search. Main article: Spectral decomposition. Category : A to Z.