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Magnificent in your wrath! Reminded me of your mother on a rampage. Madeline didn't want to hear this. She didn't like to be reminded of her rage, or her loss of control, or that night and what followed. Afterward, for the first time in her life, she'd tossed duty aside. She'd gone abroad to forget, and hadn't come back until she'd achieved forgetfulness. She never thought of Gabriel anymore. She scarcely remembered his name. Always levelheaded except when she flew into the boughs, then the oceans quailed.

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Picking up the bell at her elbow, Madeline rang it. The butler answered. Heaton had undoubtedly raced to the kitchen to share the extraordinary news with the household. She addressed Uppington in a composed manner. About Lord Campion. Uppington bowed. In his rush to handle yet another of Magnus's "situations," he had buttoned his tailed jacket askew. Madeline bent her attention to eating again. A less formidable woman would have had her appetite destroyed by Magnus, but if Madeline allowed her father to destroy her appetite every time he scrambled their fortunes, she would be a wraith.

She saw no wisdom in that. Actually, it was far too late. She knew that … or she might have tried it.

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She was accounted to have a good swing. Good day for hunting. Or perhaps you'd like to ride into the village and visit your old governess, Mrs. Of course you're not to be his mistress! Chap is to marry you, or nothing!

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Magnus dismissed that fact with an airy wave. The Americans will come crawling back to dear old Mother England. No, Knight's family originated here, and he arrived in London last year. Been making a name for himself in the clubs. Not popular, but I had to play him. Couldn't resist. And that was the problem. Magnus couldn't resist any kind of gaming challenge. Remington Knight.

If one were unacquainted with Magnus, one might have thought him a monster of parental disinterest.

Madeline knew better. He loved her as best his shallow personality could love, but he lacked both an attention span and a sense of responsibility. Fortuitously, Madeline had always been a strong-willed female of unusual prudence. Not worthy of a duke's daughter and a duchess in her own right, but damned hard to find anyone worthy of us, isn't there? Even your mother, God rest her soul, was only the daughter of a marquess.

Punishing left.

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Good defense. Punched the hell out of Oldfield, and you know how he can fight. She finished her meal in silence, thinking hard all the while. She had no intention of marrying … anyone. Her one venture into romance had ended disastrously. If left up to her, an ancient title would die with Magnus. Glancing up, she saw Magnus watching her with a worried frown. I have a scheme —". Well acquainted with her father's schemes, which usually involved gambling and ensuing disaster, Madeline exclaimed, "Heavens, no! I'm going to go to London and explain to Mr. Knight it would be ridiculous for us to wed.

Take the Survey. I'd love to have you as a newsletter friend! Privacy Policy. Description In this story by New York Times historical bestseller Christina Dodd, two exquisite cousins must exchange identities in a scandalous deception. Madeline's trust and control issues have to do with a negligent father, one who could be considered abusive due to how much damage he has done to his daughter.

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Those kind of issues are deep-seated, and are not going to go away, just because someone demands that they should. It takes a whole lot of loving patience, and to be honest, a lot of therapy, to deal with that. Gabriel deals with them in exactly the wrong way, even from the beginning. He didn't tell Madeline why he was gambling that day. He just expected her to trust him on it, even knowing her issues with it. Later, he decided the reason why she found it so easy to leave was because he showed his love too openly for her, and thinks it would be better to behave like her father.

Yeah, no.

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That shows him to be a manipulative future abuser, even if he is doing it "for her own good. Thing is, though, trust, especially for someone to whom it doesn't come easy to like Madeline, has to be earned. Gabriel does absolutely nothing to show that he deserves her trust.

At all. Yeah, Madeline was able to figure out his game, and was able to trust him through it, but to me, all that shows is that he is willing to do whatever it takes to get his goal, even if it hurts the woman he claims to love. And yes, I say "claims" to love, because I never once bought that Gabriel loved her. Madeline will continue to be managing, unless he blackmails or manipulates her into doing what he wants, and that to me does not sound like an ending I want for any heroine, but especially not one I liked as much as I liked Madeline.

She was far from perfect, but I liked her flaws. They were realistic, and not things that a person is going to get over just because their lover insists on it. Just skip this one. Christina Dodd has written some much better books. But this one was just terrible. Aug 03, Angie Fehl rated it really liked it.

Suffolk, England, Madeline de Lacy, duchess of Magnus, is handed over to a stranger via her father's lost poker wager. Madeline's hand in marriage and, in turn, the family estate itself is given to newly wealthy American businessman Remington Knight. Having no intention of giving everything up so easily, Madeline makes the appearance of traveling to meet with Remington, her meek cousin Eleanor along as escort Meanwhile, the real Madeline intends to crash another high stakes poker game in hopes of finding a way to win back her family's fortune.

Her plan isn't as easily executed as she'd hoped. Madeline finds a way into the poker game while maintaining her disguise, but it means she has to pose as the companion to Lady Thomasin, stepdaughter of Lady Tabard. Tabard is trying to get Thomasin married off to Thurston Rumbelow, the host of the poker tournament.

Sidenote: there is a proposal scene involving Thomasin and another man, that the way it's set up, the dialogue Just sayin'. Madeline nearly blows her cover quite a few times, being that she is actually a woman of noble birth, and accustomed to being catered to; her tendency to be strong-willed and outspoken tends not to mesh well with the expected decorum of a servant. Madeline's plotting also brings an unexpected reunion with her ex-fiance, Gabriel Ansell, Earl of Campion. He recognizes her immediately, but intrigued by what she's up to with the disguise, chooses not to let on to anyone else.

He also still has a bit of a flame for her, so the environment proves advantageous for him possibly winning her back. It'll be tough going for him though, since things didn't end great between them and Madeline is still sore about it. Gabriel also has his own secret plot he's working on.

Gabriel intends to both win Madeline again AND avenge the loss of his brother. Oh, and yeah, win the poker game of course! Scandalous Again has a nice blend of everything you want in a good light-hearted romance. And as far as chemistry, they are perfectly suited to each other. There's also extra comedy brought in the form of Gabriel's opinionated, grumbly valet, MacAllister.