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The need for timely response to the programmer's incremental modifications suggests that the program analysis database and transformed program be updated incrementally. Hand-coding these systems in conventional programming languages is both tedious and error prone. Is there really no audience for programming between casual or heavy duty that would use such interfaces?

Are they too complex to use? I think the issue that Adena was getting at is that for a graphical programming environment to be worthwhile it has to provide significant advantages over the alternative, that being to write code in a traditional way. And it just may be that Popfly was up against php, ruby, javascript, Flash, …, and the community that might have been interested in it just went with any of those alternatives because the barriers to getting exactly the results they wanted were far less than using Popfly.

So it has come a long long way since its humble beginnings, but we know we can go further yet as we increase its power to that of a full featured scripting language while at the same time keeping it much more productive than cracking out a text editor.

ASF+SDF Meta Environment

Don and I are always amazed at the ideas our team at Safe and our user base come up with , and FME once again will feature some very impressive productivity enhancers for Workbench. Looking through recent feedback from attendees in our training classes, I see comments like:.

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  • ISBN 13: 9783540129325.
  • Modular Specification Of Incremental Program Transformation Systems* - IEEE Conference Publication.
  • The Centaur System - Deriving Programming Environments from Abstract Specifications.

All those refinements must be paying off and perhaps this is why FME Users seem to be so happy all the time. I for one am sad to see Popfly go.

A programming environment having three levels of complexity for mobile robotics

Visual environments do work particularly well for iterative ETL development. Why draw it twice?

Do it in the development environment. RE: the documentation angle — excellent point— I recall long ago visiting a client who add access to huge plotters and seeing his walls covered with nicely organized and annotated FME Workspaces.


Since then numerous customers have mentioned the benefit of a graphical representation in being self documenting and able to be used to convey a description of what is going on to others. RE: 10 years, very hard to believe, but yes. From what I can glean from my archives we started coding Workbench in July of It may be time to begin worrying about what Workbench is going to be like as a teenager….