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The new trend in small farm memoirs began in earnest when Storey Publishing, known for its how-to guidebooks for small animal farmers, released its first memoir in Jenna Woginrich began as a big city blogger who set out to build a more self-sufficient lifestyle as an urban homesteader. Her first book, Made from Scratch: Discovering the Pleasures of a Handmade Life, captured the exuberance of a new generation who discovers depression-era common sense.

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While she blogged for the Huffington Post, Jenna shared her home with a flock of Scottish Blackface sheep, border collie, chickens, hive of bees, geese, rabbits, and some pretty amiable neighbors. Her offbeat observations as she discovers traditional farm skills make it an enjoyable read, especially for someone who is not new to country living.

What she learns in dealing with small-town politics, cranky neighbors, and the loneliness that comes from running a farm single-handedly, is to recognize this longing as not for land but for living a more authentic life. Memoirs about the personal transformations of becoming a farmer are not all funny or romantic.

Kurt Timmermesiter was a bone-fide city dweller in Seattle where he worked as a successful baker, chef, and restaurateur. The Accidental Farmers Harmony Publishers, tells the story of Tim and Liz Young who left their suburban life and became first-time farmers in rural Georgia.

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Instead, it is a realistic account of the heartbreak of raising livestock. If you have livestock, you will have dead stock. Manny Howard lives in Brooklyn with his wife, two children, and a dwindling number of farm animals after he turned their square foot backyard into the first farm in Flatbush in generations. To young Glaswegian James Herriot, fresh out of veterinary college, 's Yorkshire appears to offer an idyllic pocket of rural life in a rapidly changing world.

Of Farming and Classics: A Memoir

But even life in the sleepy village of Darrowby has its challenges for an interloper like him: from herds of semi-feral cattle and gruff farmers with incomprehensible accents. These classic memoirs from the Yorkshire vet are heartwarming and funny, showing Yorkshire at its idyllic best.

The Yorkshire moors are the backdrop for Ross Raisin's debut novel. BBC News.

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The author Rorvik intentionally left the word "his" uncapitalized in the title of this book. Archived from the original on 27 April The Daily Telegraph.

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