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A scale of graduated sanctions for resource appropriators who violate community rules; 6. Mechanisms of conflict resolution are cheap, local, and of easy access; 7. In the case of larger common-pool resources, organization in the form of multiple layers of nested enterprises, with small local CPRs at the base level.

Completely agree that we need to address that missing step — identifying the appropriate stakeholder groups in any given Internet governance process, and agreeing on their legitimate roles in that process. NetMundial is an opportunity to: - Be a significant milestone in efforts to improve and democratise the governance of the internet, and particularly to strengthen the participation and influence of civil society and of stakeholders from developing countries.

ICANN and intergovernmental bodies e. There can be no internet governance without a worldwide effort on education and technology initiatives in schools and the involvement of teachers and pupils. The discussion about these matters has to start earlier with privacy and internet safety issues being addressed earlier in the school curricula. This document, and the discussions around it, should focus on forging agreement in areas where there is currently not already global consensus.

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Whilst I completely support a strong affirmation of the centrality of human rights to Internet governance, the content of these rights is well established and cannot be renegotiated. More time and attention should be paid to the principles that are not already globally accepted, which predominantly relate to Internet governance processes and mechanisms.

The Meeting is taking place at a time when the topic of Internet governance is an issue of great interest around the world. The many major conferences and work efforts scheduled this year exemplify the accelerated pace of Internet governance discussions and make a particularly important year in the ongoing evolution of the Internet. Indeed, there are a host of institutions, each with different core functions and strengths, that address issues related to Internet governance. The Coalition looks forward to working with all stakeholders to prepare for a successful Meeting in Brazil, and welcomes this opportunity for dialogue on these important issues.

International consensus on Internet policies is unlikely to be realized at only one meeting. Agree with those who support the idea that NetMundial outcome document should also seek to constitute a concrete contribution and provide tangible improvements for the IG ecosystem. This comment is a request to extend the public review and comment period for an additional 14 days. As a creative stakeholder, I would like first to commend NETmundial for its efforts to advance moral norms and intellectual property respect worldwide.

In that context, it is highly questionable whether a public comment period of only one week that falls entirely concurrent to worldwide Christian holy days can effectively serve the public interest? As an active participant in policy and technical working groups of consensus standards development bodies in the U. Please consider extending or quickly reopening the comment period for the principles and roadmap. The report of the Working Group on Internet Governance, which was recognized by world leaders during the Tunis phase of WSIS and resulted in the Internet governance section of the Tunis Agenda, was the result of a great deal of hard work by a large multi-stakeholder working group of experts.

It is, therefore, any document prepared by any group on Internet Governance shall not be in contradiction with the outcome of Tunis Agenda that was adopt by world leaders. In reviewing the draft output documents we found that, in general, there appears to be a bias towards maintaining the status quo. The effect is to discourage adoption of many of the key WSIS outcomes with regard to Internet governance. There is little mention, for example, of the roles and responsibilities of the various stakeholder groups and especially the enhanced cooperation process needed to enable governments to carry out their role in international public policy.


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There is no mention of the need to eliminate unilateral control of Internet policy by any single entity or government, a situation which challenges the legitimacy of the existing Internet governance structure. We also noted a bias towards retaining the technical and operational characteristics of the existing Internet with little view of the future internet. In addition, we found a degree of lack of coherence and incompleteness in the documents which render them less than authoritative.

The following points, as well as our detailed comments on the documents, provide further amplification of our issues. Principles regarding Internet governance should therefore derive from that definition and be fully consistent with it.

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Paragraph 34 emphasized development and application based on the respective roles of the stakeholder groups. These roles and responsibilities must be respected and not be confused or neglected. It recognized that the policy authority for Internet-related public policy issues is the sovereign right of States. They have rights and responsibilities for international Internet-related public policy issues.

It also recognized the need for development of public policy by governments in consultation with all stakeholders. There is currently no mechanism for governments, on an equal footing, to carry out their roles and responsibilities regarding policy authority for international public policy issues pertaining to the Internet. Unfortunately, unilateral control of the Internet still exists. The Internet is a global infrastructure which must be managed by a body or bodies which are not under the control or jurisdiction of any single entity or country.

All governments should have an equal role and responsibility for international Internet governance and for ensuring the stability, security and continuity of the existing Internet and the future internet. Instead, we should be innovative and supportive of future internet initiatives and projects that will provide better stability and security. And most importantly, international public policy must be developed by governments, on an equal footing, rather than by a single entity or country.

Finally, the NetMundial outcome documents must be developed based on the agreed WSIS outcomes, such as the above paragraphs.

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In addition, they must consider all received contributions to Netmundial in a transparent and balanced manner. Comments are closed. If indeed the outcome document has been largely worked out before the supposedly open discussion even starts, that contradicts the claimed intention that the meeting should discuss these issues in an open fashion. IEVA will implement all security measures to ensure the availability, integrity and confidentiality of data exchanged. For its part, IEVA would like to draw your attention to the need to implement all appropriate measures, such as firewalls and anti-virus, regularly updated and properly configured, to protect you in the most efficient manner possible against intruders , attacks and spread of viruses, to ensure the availability, integrity and confidentiality of information sent on the Website.


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