Guide My Journey As a Combat Medic (From Desert Storm to Operation Enduring Freedom)

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Operation Restore Hope was authorized on 4 December by George Bush in an attempt to establish order in Somalia so that food could reach those in need.

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During George Bush's Operation Restore Hope in December , marines landed and assumed airport control, allowing flights in and out of Mogadishu, Somalia, to resume epub. In , after suffering over , casualties including nearly 14, deaths the Soviets withdrew from Afghanistan which led to continued internal fighting and the rise of the Taliban , e. The upper turret mounts the cassegrainian I band tracking and illuminating antenna. Once a target is selected for attack, using parameters from the acquisition system, the tracking antenna is slewed onto the target and initiates precise target angle tracking and ranging download.

Meanwhile, in the Great Lakes area south of present-day Canada, France set up a few trading posts and settlements but never established effective control; New Orleans was one of the few areas of the United States where France pursued an active colonial policy download. The lieutenant did not notice. The command went through the J-box, directly to the launcher. To the horror of the downrange crew, Launcher One responded by super-elevating and providing lead on the imaginary target. Not to do so would be patently un- fair to the Persian Gulf veterans.

We live in a time in which there is a rising tide of public cyni- cism directed at government at all levels , cited: U. And in his final letter to aspiring medics, he tells them to pack things for yeast infections and UTIs because, even if there's little chance of women being in combat, ya wanna be prepared… Really.

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  5. And once he says he treated muscle pains and aches with "a medicine called 'ibuprofen,'" 'cause nobody would know that otherwise… Really. The worst part is that it's all delivered by a narrator whose voice sounds suspiciously like Kermit the Frog's and who delivers all lines, even the rare hard-hitting one, as though he's speaking to a class of second-graders. Imagine: "So we got a rag to stop the blood that was spurting from the sheared off leg, boys and girls.

    I read the kindle version because I thought that maybe the narrator was just so bad he was throwing the whole story off, but no.


    It really is a jumbled, meandering mess. I feel guilty because honestly, the chapter on his PTSD gives you a taste of what it's like: the wonder of just sitting outside to look at the sky, at all hours of the day or night, something that can freak the neighbors out. Of the surging rage that can't be quelled, just smothered slightly by medication. Of his inability to connect with other vets who can't relate or who push their own views on him. Of his wish to flat-out deck people who ask him, "So, like, did you kill anyone?

    But I can't listen to this again. It really needed an editor and guidance. And I hope he finds the peace he deserves.

    About My Journey as a Combat Medic

    I appreciate his honesty and his interesting anecdotes from his military experience. Do realize that the book is written by a man without a lot of writing experience. As a result, the sentence structure is simple and often repetitive, and the book lacks a strongly organized narrative. That being said, I found his words sincere and unaffected, which kept me listening throughout.

    The narrator, Joe Bronzi, does a decent and serviceable job with the book, though he does nothing to enhance the listening experience. He seems to me to be a "nonfiction" narrator, but I wouldn't trust him with a single work of fiction. Really quite badly performed in my opinion and the army songs between each chapter was possibly the worst decision they could have made.

    It destroyed pacing was badly done and if they had played the sound of a baby crying it would have been less annoying.

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    Your audiobook is waiting…. By: Patrick Thibeault. Narrated by: Joe Bronzi. Length: 5 hrs and 11 mins. People who bought this also bought Publisher's Summary My Journey as a Combat Medic is a no-holds-barred look at the modern medic in the US Army, allowing us a glimpse at the training as a soldier and as a specialist, as well as deployment and front-line duties and the impact of service on civilian life, including an honest look at PTSD, from the author's own personal experience.

    Receive press releases from combat medic: By Email. Patrick Thibeault writes about his experiences in the wars, peacetime operations and training. The remainder of the book covers the twenty years that Patrick spent in the military to include the time as a Special Operations Flight Medic with the th Special Operations Aviation Regiment Airborne and working as a part time combat medic in the Army National Guard.

    Book - My Journey as a Combat Medic

    The book, targeting veterans and friends of veterans was written to tell the story about the medic. The book was published by Indiana Business Journal and is available through www. The book was written to tell the story about a new wet behind the ears paratrooper medic who goes to war as a teenager and shows how this medic transitions into a seasoned older veteran.