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ChemPhysChem Volume 20, Issue 4.

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Shahnaz S. Sabnam S.

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Definition and Properties of Metallic Bonding

Skip to the beginning of the images gallery. Now held in stock! Sikabond AT Metal is a high quality metal to metal adhesive. Sold in box quantity of Colour Grey. Submit Review. Product Downloads. It can also be connected to generator 21 by further wires Referring now to FIG.

Polytetrafluoroethylene sheets 0.

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Compressed air is fed through valve 37 into the lower pipe 35 and column 33 and platform 32, bringing the assembly into contact with the face of plunger Meanwhile, the timing device 39 which actuates valve 37 trips a switch to start generator 21 and hence produces ultrasonic energy by means of transducer Alternatively the generator can run continuously or activated by movement of the platform. The ultrasonic energy so created is transmitted through the velocity transformer 27 and the solid plunger 31 to heat the adhesive.

After'a predetermined time interval, valve 37 is actuated to release compressed air from cylinder 34 and thereby lower platform 32 to release the bonded assembly from contact with the plunger, and at the same time the current to the generator 2! Referring to FIGS. I is replaced by a cylindrical metal mandrel 2, which, if desired, may be coated with polytetrafluoroethylene or other thermal insulating material. A can blank 4 is supported on the mandrel and held in place by removable arcuate ring member 3. The plunger 1 is lowered and impressed on the metal at the point of overlap to form a can side-seam.

The operation of the method may be continuous. For example, side-seams for cans may be formed by moving a long cylindrical mandrel supporting can blanks beneath a transmitting member and stamping the member down onto the can blank at regular intervals. The transmitting member may contact the whole of the seam simultaneously, or may be caused to travel along the seam. The potential adhesive may be placed on the cans in the form of a tape or ribbon, and may be extruded directly onto them upstream of the ultrasonic heating apparatus. A strip of heat-sensitive adhesive 1 cm.

A precisely similar strip of metal was placed over the original strip so that the amount of overlap of the two pieces of metal was 1 cm. A metal bridge 0. The metal-adhesive-metal assembly was placed on top of the bridge. Between the uppermost sheet of metal, and the probe was placed an upturned metal bridge. The assembly on the platform of the bridge-metal-adhesive-metal upturnedbridge was brought up we Stationary probe by an upward force of kg.

The ultrasonic energy generator was switched off after a time shown below and the platform returned to its original position. The metals were bonded by the adhesive, which was now 0. The lap-strength of the bond was tested in a tensile tester. The same method was used in examples 2 and 3 with the modification that each metal bridge was replaced by a 0. A mild steeh highly oriented, fltlfl llLlitl to prod ige a as a cross-linking a ent, which also increases the viscosity of the composition an the strength of the bonded product and 45 parts by weight of titanium dioxide as a whitening agent.

Metal–Metal Bonding in Uranium–Group 10 Complexes

Nylon 11 1n As Example 3. Tin plated steel- Versalon Examples illustrate the dependence of bond strength on the time of heating. The optimum time for a particular metaladhesive-metal combination can easily be determined by sim- -ple tests.

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The bond strengths obtained are' very high, having gregard to the particular metal-adhesive-metal combinations. Peel strengths were measured by bonding completely overlapped metal strips according to the methods of example 6 with a 10 second heating time, and example 7 with a 5 seconds heating time.

The peel strengths were respectively 4. The side-seams of metal cans can be formed using the above techniques and the apparatus of FIG. A method according to claim 1 wherein the adhesive is extruded directly onto one of the ends.