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You snatched it away: I speak like you I think like you I create like you the scrambled ballad, about my word. Two ways I talk Both ways I say, Your way is more powerful. So gently I offer my hand and ask, Let me find my talk So I can teach you about me. The portrait of Rita Joe is seen in the background.

Lasting legacy of Mi'kmaq poet laureate, ‘gentle warrior’ Rita Joe | Lifestyles | Cape Breton Post

An ability to convey her thoughts through words came early. More Lifestyles stories.

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Mohawk filmmaker revisits Oka Crisis through eyes of year-old girl Updated a day ago. Recent Stories.

West Virginia keeps balance to outlast Kansas. Eagles sweep season-opening games in Bathurst. Wanderers secure another tie.

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They taught in the villages, mobilized people against colonial rule, worked for the welfare of the harijans the untouchables , lobbied against deforestation and encouraged forest-based small-scale industry. They protested tree auctions, thus commemorating the Chipko movement and got a moratorium on cutting forest trees on heights above 1, m. Following the Gandhian tradition of spreading the message through folk songs, spiritual discourse and foot marches, Sunderlal set off to walk 4, kms across the Himalayas where he saw the relentless pace of deforestation, erosion and devastation brought about by development projects on the fragile mountain ecosystems and the subsequent social impoverishment of the villagers.

He submitted his findings in reports to the UN.

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Sunderlal's message rattled local forestry officials and spread the Chipko message to other parts of India. The pledge he made nearly forty years ago to devote his life to serving people and saving the environment has culminated in a decade-long struggle against the construction of the controversial Tehri dam, planned as the sixth highest in the world, ousting 25, people and devastating one of the most sacred and beautiful Himalayan landscapes. Following in the footsteps of Mahatma Gandhi, Sunderlal has conducted long fasts on the banks of the Bhagirathi river, demanding a full and independent review of the dam.

In , he called off a fast of forty-five days when the then Prime Minister, Mr Rao, promised him that work would halt and they would appoint an independent committee to review the social, environmental and economic aspects of the dam. The success was short- lived. The Prime Minister reneged. As the promise was made to him and then broken, Sunderlal embarked upon a physically shattering second fast or vrata, as a voluntary penance for having failed the people who were looking upon his previous fast to secure them justice.

Despite pleadings from his friends not to undertake such a course, Sunderlal felt that it was a necessary penance for being taken in by the Prime Minister's deception.

To worried friends who feared for his life, Sunderlal wrote a letter which explained the true meaning of this action. For the past 30 years Roscoe united conservationists,Native American tribes, sport fishing groups, some trade unionists and students into a community one might even describe it as a tribe resisting a mining district in northern Wisconsin. Because of the bill, which would not have passed without the fierce and sustained activism of a broad and diverse coalition consisting of thousands of people who care about the earth,Wisconsin remains the one of least attractive political climate for mining in North America.

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Roscoe loved stopping for pie. Our daughters Annie and Sage passed small cedar branches to everyone in the circle.

Brother Warrior there are none of us who walk this path alone.