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My latest ongoing project examines the concept of dignity in both the US and comparative constitutional context.

I am interested in how dignity has been used in legal argumentation, especially in the context of LGBT rights litigation, and what the limits of that concept might be. The first article in this project is a collaboration with Timothy Lyle, assistant professor of English at Iona College.

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It is forthcoming in Constitutional Studies. Timothy Lyle and I are now collaborating on a book-length project that explores the unintended possibilities of dignity and its invocation in LGBTQ jurisprudence, public policy, and media. The common aims of my research are to gauge how institutional and ideational environments motivate, constrain, or otherwise affect political behavior and to explain changes over time in legal and political outcomes. To accomplish this, my work utilizes a variety of qualitative and historical methods and engages scholarship from multiple disciplines including political science, history, law, and sociology.

Engel notes that this period has been marked by landmark victories for gay and lesbian activists, in both state legislatures and the courts.

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Why then do political inequalities persist in an environment marked by such high profile legal victories? The book is meticulously researched and brimming with fascinating historical details…. In delineating the five modalities of recognition of sexuality, Engel illustrates the value of a long historical view, capturing earlier modalities that have been eclipsed by the more familiar concepts of the present and the recent past.

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He demonstrated the way conflicting modalities, emerging from a fractured polity, produced inconsistent outcomes for gay and lesbian citizens. He wisely includes private authorities such as employers in his analysis of citizenship recognition, both because the private sector is a significant site of some forms of recognition and because private-sector trends may shape the contours of public policy development.

And he acknowledges the intersectionality of forms of identity and marginalization especially in his lucid discussion of recent trends in equal protection jurisprudence.

Skowronek, S. Engel, and B.

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