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Click here. This time, though, something has gone wrong. Or worse, dropping her? In this case, the invisible man is an invisible woman, made so by her age and unremarkable looks.

Ian Buruma Named Editor of The New York Review of Books

Shirley describes herself as short and diffident, easily ignored, especially when not in the company of her dashing lover. Their passion requires that no one break character, that the sexual tension be not only maintained but allowed to thicken to such an extent that, when they finally find a bed, fireworks ensue.

As a result, Shirley naively befriends countless men over the course of the novel, including a wino and a Mennonite botanist, thinking they might be Coenraad in camo. The women Shirley meets are perhaps even more significant to her journey than the men. Over and over, she encounters women whose stories of emotional imprisonment and suburban despair mimic her own.

New York Review Books Brings Back Maira Kalman Classics

She has two children, but, like her literary precursor Edna Pontellier, she has decided to relinquish her role as a mother. Having escaped the shackles of mundane married life, she is now at the mercy of Coenraad, who proves as elusive as he is irresistible. Basic Black with Pearls is a serious story about matters of love, life, death, and the constantly shifting power dynamics between men and women, but it is also genuinely entertaining.

Everything Flows New York Review Books Classics

Nearing its 40th birthday, Basic Black with Pearls is anything but obsolete.