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Over the last few decades, however, research and experience have shown that dredged material can be reused and is not inevitably a waste to be disposed.

When dredged material has a purpose, it can be used, for instance, for environmental improvements, giving the material added value and creating a win-win situation. When a use purpose is not an option, disposal alternatives must be considered and their destination on land or at sea may become controversial. Since 90 percent of dredged material is clean, use options can usually be found if all parties think about this during the planning of the project.

Finding a win-win destination Contractors and clients now focus on finding uses for dredged material and for coordinating the supply of dredged material with a concurrent demand. This can be a win-win outcome. For instance, if a harbour is dredged, and a nearby beach needs replenishment, then the newly retrieved sediment may be suitable for beach nourishment and coastal protection.

KIOST Cost Effective Long Distance Transport Technology of Dredged Materials

In some countries, like Japan, more than 90 percent of dredged material is ultimately put to good use. This may require treatment of the sediments, but generally speaking, dredged material such as rock, gravel and sand, consolidated clay, silt or soft clay and a mixture of rock, can to varying degrees be used as a resource. A variety of uses of dredged material: Read more Rock may range from soft marl like sandstone and coral to hard rock like granite and basalt.

Depending on size and quantity, rock can be a valuable construction material. Gravel and sand are perhaps the most valuable resource and are routinely used for beach nourishment, wetland restoration and coastal protection.

South Baltic Conference on Dredged Materials in Dike Construction - DredgDikes

The study was designed to provide flexibility in final site selection. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Previous Next. Back to list. The Corps regulated dredging and dredged material placement by creating and managing sites for placement that were navigationally, if not environmentally, safe.

Dredged material

As shipping and commerce grew however, this policy became outdated as well, necessitating that dredged materials be managed further and further from the Harbor. In the early 20th century, dredged materials were placed off Sandy Hook.

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In the s, new environmental laws mandated careful siting of dredged material management sites. This 6.