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They have spent less time researching Bonhoeffer, but are no less inspired by his life and writing.

On Dietrich Bonhoeffer: Six Questions for Eric Metaxas | Harper's Magazine

Begin the deep work of eating the elephant one bite at a time. Learn the landscape. Discover who the players are. And learn from all of them, even those who you are tempted to think less of. His point was to expose how silly it seems, in hindsight, to claim a direct correlation to situations and cultures that are so different. Scholars help us appreciate the uniqueness of s Germany and the contrast of that time with our own—and every other time before and after his time.

To be fair, most scholars share this value as well. He was his own man.

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People seem to find the legend of Bonhoeffer more useful than actually studying who he was and what he had to say. This happens with many historical figures, but it has been especially the case with Bonhoeffer.

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The emergence of popular biographies about Bonhoeffer shed more light on the world of Bonhoeffer criticism. Most of our heroes will let us down that way. Find a reliable biography about their world. Read primary sources. Read in their language, if you can. And resist the impulse to a build-a-bear approach to historical theology.


Bonhoeffer became part of a resistance cell inside German military intelligence. On trips abroad, he tried to get Allied support for the German resistance, but he was not successful. The Gestapo identified Bonhoeffer as part of the plot, arrested him, and sent him to prison. Less than a month before the war in Europe ended, the Nazis moved him from prison to a concentration camp and hanged him on April 9, He was 39 years old. Some Christian pacifists say Bonhoeffer was wrong to resist evil with violence, but for millions of other Christians, Bonhoffer became an inspiring symbol of what it can mean, in times of crisis and every day, to practice what you preach.

Dietrich Bonhoeffer : A Life in Pictures by Renate Bethge (2005, Hardcover)

Bonhoeffer, Dietrich. Bonhoeffer Pastor, Martyr, Prophet, Spy. Metaxas, Eric. Bethge, Eberhard.

Brokaw, Tom. Burnham, Gracia with Dean Merrill. Chilstrom, Herbert W.

Dietrich Bonhoeffer - Standing Against Adolf Hitler

Copeland, Cyrus. Curry, Dayna along with Heather Mercer. Kamin, Ben. Edwards, Elizabeth. Evans, Richard Paul. Frank, Otto. Frankl, Viktor E. Gumley, Frances and Redhead, Brian. Hammarskjold, Dag.

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