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Gettysburg - Pickett's Charge, Artillery Placements [pdf] 3. Join t Fight. Visit Antietam. Antietam Virtual Tour.

(Gettysburg 1993) Confederate artillery barrage

Anniversary: Battle of Antietam. Leaving the scene of hard service to glorious service, it proceeded to Washington, the nation's capital, to form part of the pageant of the Grand Review commemorating the end of the war. By orders of Major General George G. The artillery was the most efficient combat arm in the Union Armies and the Rhode Island batteries were considered the elite of the Union Artillery.

Rapid Fire Guns

General Robert E. Lee had decided to take the war and his Confederate Army into northern territory. The Army of the Potomac was to stop this invasion.

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  6. Fact #1: You need a team of ten to shoot a cannon..
  7. The two armies collided in the largest and perhaps most important battle of the war at the small farming community of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. On the third day of the battle, July 3, , Battery B could man only four guns because of the heavy loss of men and horses the day before. After fighting all morning, a long calm occurred. At PM the men were ready for their midday. When Union guns replied, the fighting was described as the "most terrible ever witnessed on this continent.

    Private William Jones had now stepped to his place at the right wheel of the gun and having swabbed the gun, stood waiting for Private Alfred Gardner to finish inserting the black powder charge. At that instant a Rebel shell struck the gun and exploded - denting the muzzle of the gun. Private Jones was killed instantly. Private Gardner was struck in the left arm and shoulder and died shortly thereafter. At the gun, Sergeant Straight tried reloading.

    10 Facts: Civil War Artillery | American Battlefield Trust

    It is very evident the Rebs must make some bold push to recover their desperate fortunes before long. The shell burst the instant it struck directly in the center of the target. The best shot ever fired at that target.

    Data from conflict used to build model

    Of course I feel proud of this shot. I would like to have them come and see what the Bloody 11th was made of. Vermont Historical Society. Major George E. We are getting ready for emergencies here. I am in charge of the completion of Fort Slocum. Take breakfast at half-past five each morning, and am over there by six. We work until six in the evening. The work goes on finely, and we hope to finish soon. The fort is in fair fighting order now ever. Had a good deal of business at my fort after getting home from Slocum.

    Civil War Artillery

    It does not seem possible they will attack the defenses, but we do not know what a day may bring fort. We are all in good trim and spirits, and would not object to firing a few guns in earnest, instead of so many at target practice. Commissary Sergeant Edward L. The largest gun on the line is at Fort Totten and is pound rifled Parrot gun, whose greatest range, carrying a hollow shot and with a charge of ten pounds powder, is 8, yards, or a little more than five miles.

    This range however is scarcely ever obtained, and at this post the greatest distance required is a little more than two miles.

    Fact #1: You need a team of ten to shoot a cannon.

    These guns throw shot or shell with the greatest accuracy, and altogether constitute a very formidable battery. Lee is ready to come into Washington we shall be in readiness to give him a proper reception. Library of Congress. A party has burnt one of our wagon trains within eight miles of the city to-day.

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    The men at Fort Stevens are standing at their guns constantly. Work on our forts and batteries is going on day and night, the guards are doubled, pickets are thrown out, half of our garrison sleep inside the fort, and everything is put in readiness for a surprise or an attack. I have been out stationing pickets all the evening and have had a hard tramp.

    We feel quite secure under the precautions we have taken.