Manual Chod Practice in the Bon Tradition

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An excellent contribution. This is a valuable addition to the Tibetan Buddhist library.

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  4. He is now an Assistant Professor at the John P. McGovern, M. Anderson Cancer Center, where he researches the use of Tibetan mind-body techniques for cancer patients. Il sacrificio rituale tibetano.

    Editeur - Casa editrice. Chod contains elements of early shamanism, of sutric and tantric teachings also found in Indo-Tibetan Buddhism, and of the Tibetan highest school of Dzogchen. An imposing figure in black raiment, he is most often pictured as a corpse.

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      Employing the latest research and discoveries, including previously unpublished reminiscences of the real man, Tobias Churton investigates the truth beneath th Sadhana text in Tibetan. Spoken and wriiten commentary in English, with Spanish and Polish translation.

      Chod Practice In The Bon Tradition

      Read more. Chod Practice Manual and Commentary. Bon Bon Voyage. Bon Voyage.

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