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The concept of Learner Autonomy has been widely referred to in the field of English language teaching and how to promote it in learners has been the focus of intensive research. This book provides theoretical background on this topic and shares the findings of a study which focused on the beliefs and reported practices of 61 teachers of English on learner autonomy.

This book presents papers providing an overview of the current use of technologies to support English teaching and learning.

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Integration of technology is discussed from various perspectives: Using technology to teach English for specific purposes and academic purposes, integrating technology in the primary, secondary and adult English language teaching and technology in relation to assessment. This book is a collection of papers on various topics in English language teaching.

There are 12 chapters focusing on teaching young learners in different contexts, teacher qualifications and training, professional development, learner autonomy, etc. As I explained in my previous post, blended learning has been very popular recently. Innovations in the continuing professional development of English language teachers Edited by David Hayes. This book offers a view of innovations in the professional development of teachers.


Example innovations from the countries such as India, Uzbekistan, Australia, Brazil, etc. This books presents the findings of a survey conducted in 64 countries and regions including Turkey and discusses its findings in relation to the following topics: recent policy changes regarding primary English language teaching around the world, facts about the starting age for English, teachers teaching English in the primary level, curriculum and syllabus issues, support for English language teaching at primary level, assessment, transition from primary to secondary school and public and private sector relationships.

Innovation in pre-service education and training for English language teachers edited by Julian Edge and Steve Mann. The focus of this book is on the pre-service education. There are 14 articles discussing different issues in relation to pre-service teacher education programs.

This book presents the reader with twelve selected presentations on the theme of Assessing and Evaluating English Language Teacher Education, Teaching and Learning.

Picturing text. London:Routledge Falmer. Littlewood, W. Mitchell, W. Picture theory: Essays on verbal and visual representations. Chicago: University of Chicago Press. How do children do it? How picturebooks work. New York: Garland.


Nunan, D. Paiva, V. Prabhu, N.

Ray, Blaine; Seely, Contee Sipe, L. Teachers College Press: New York.

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Slagter, P. Un Nivel Umbral. Estrasburgo: Publicaciones del Consejo de Europa. Strickland, S and Morrow, L. Schwarcz, Joseph H. Ways of the illustrator: Visual communication in children's literature. Chicago: American Library Association.

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Swartz, L. Markham: Ontario. Vygotsky, L. Wright, A. The BritLit project has produced numerous resources for teachers and students, which can be found on the British Council TeachingEnglish website.

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  • These include the complete versions of the sample kits to be found in this book as well as nearly 40 other resource packs or kits, ranging from stories for primary school learners of English to those studying at tertiary level. Books and resource packs.