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Recent Progress in Biosensors for Environmental Monitoring: A Review

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Biosensors for environmental monitoring. - Abstract - Europe PMC

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Enzyme Inhibition Based Biosensors for Environmental Monitoring

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1. Introduction

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Biosensors for Monitoring Airborne Pathogens. A batch-mode cube microbial fuel cell based "shock" biosensor for wastewater quality monitoring. Vicia faba bioassay for environmental toxicity monitoring: A review. Environmental sensing of heavy metals through whole cell microbial biosensors: a synthetic biology approach. Environmental monitoring for protected areas: Review and prospect.

A review on impedimetric biosensors.

Syntrophy in microbial fuel cells. Long-term arsenic monitoring with an Enterobacter cloacae microbial fuel cell. Genetically-encoded biosensors for monitoring cellular stress in bioprocessing. Saliva-based biosensors: noninvasive monitoring tool for clinical diagnostics.

Engineering microbial electrocatalysis for chemical and fuel production. Compost in plant microbial fuel cell for bioelectricity generation. Piezoelectric biosensors for organophosphate and carbamate pesticides: a review. Acetylcholinesterase biosensors for electrochemical detection of organophosphorus compounds: a review. Progress of new label-free techniques for biosensors: a review. Biosensors in forensic analysis.

A review. Composite materials for polymer electrolyte membrane microbial fuel cells. Microbial fuel cells and microbial electrolysis cells for the production of bioelectricity and biomaterials.