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We tend to perceive things that:. On the contrary we tend to perceive fewer things that do not interest us, are not making a large impact, and do not induce fear. Also, we do not always perceive accurately the things that we focus on and think about. This occurs in two distinct ways:. As humans, we are all susceptible to the misperceptions caused by limitations in our senses, and we will generally experience the misperceptions in an identical manner. However, as individuals, with different experiences and personalities, the results and impact of our subjectivity will differ — sometimes quite markedly.

In both cases other factors can influence our susceptibility to misperception, such as: illness, stress , fatigue , medication and other drugs , concentration, motivation , etc. Understanding perception is important for pilots: perception is the stage of Information Processing prior to Decision Making and judgment, from which actions are taken.

Effective decision making and safe actions rely on accurate perception. Therefore, it is important that pilots also know how to overcome the two misperceptions introduced above - limitations and subjectivity. In simple terms they can do this by deferring to reliable data.

Pilot Perception

In the first case this is provided by appropriate flight instruments and in the second case other objective sources of data other crewmembers, ATC, manuals, checklists and documents. For pilots, we can highlight two distinct, but typical, pathways from sensing, through perception, decision-making and action see Information Processing.

In the first case actions follow perceptions almost instinctively, based on previous learning. Misperceptions can be detected when corrective actions do not have the expected corrective effect; although there may not be enough time to resolve the situation e.

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Loss of Control accidents. In the second case misperceptions may never be detected or accepted unless a full investigation is undertaken; something usually reserved for accidents. However, in many situations a pilot may be fully aware that some data is incomplete or unreliable i. Misperceptions of risk can be closely associated with inappropriate risk tolerance.

31 –Visual Perception in Aviation/ Manipulating Spatial & Temporal Constraints in Practice

It is worth mentioning a third situation. For example, limited knowledge and understanding concerning a Flight Management System may result, fatally, in inappropriate action. The perceptual illusions that pilots encounter which most affect flight safety relate to misperceptions concerning the position of the aircraft, and projected flight path, in space and in relation to other objects e. This subject is intricately interlinked with Situational Awareness and Spatial Disorientation.

The primary senses through which pilot perception, and misperception, is most critical are Visual, Kinaesthetic, and Auditory, and these will be briefly discussed below. Clearly, understanding the role of visual perception in aviation is key to improving pilot performance and reducing aviation mishaps. This book is the first dedicated to the role of visual perception in aviation, and it provides a comprehensive, single-source document encompassing all aspects of aviation visual perception.

Thus, this book includes the foundations of visual and vestibular sensation and perception; how visual perceptual abilities are assessed in pilots; the pilot's perspective of visual flying; a summary of human factors research on the visual guidance of flying; examples of specific visual and vestibular illusions and misperceptions; mishap analyses from military, commercial and general aviation; and, finally, how this knowledge is being used to better understand visual perception in aviation's next generation.

Aviation Visual Perception: Research, Misperception and Mishaps is intended to be used for instruction in academia, as a resource for human factors researchers, design engineers, and for instruction and training in the pilot community. He obtained his M. After earning his Ph.

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Since he has worked as a part-time Research Psychologist with the U. Air Force working primarily on flight simulator design. He has authored 36 journal articles, 17 conference papers, and 7 book chapters.

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Austin State University, where she worked since She completed her Ph. She teaches introductory psychology, research methods, biopsychology, and perception courses at the undergraduate and graduate levels, and has won several teaching awards.

Visual misperception in aviation: glide path performance in a black hole environment.

Her research interests have included depth perception, visual search, text readability, and the human factors of web site design, although her students continually shift her research efforts to new directions. She has also collaborated with researchers at NASA-Ames Research Center to create a metric to predict text readability, including conditions that apply to head-up displays.

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