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Maces were blunt force weapons used for crushing blows against the enemy. These weapons were effective against armored troops, and typically were smooth or had flanges or blades protruding from the top of the weapon. The start of the use of artillery in the Ottoman Army is not very definite. One of the arguments is that the Ottomans used cannons in the Battles of Kosovo and Nukap and most certainly by the s. The Balkans was used by the Ottomans as both a human and technical source concerning the advancement and the use of their artillery pieces.

In the siege of Baghdad where the Ottomans retook the city from the Persians , gunners of European descent served on the lines. The table below gives us a clear view of the trends. To add to this the 16th century brought the latest technical advancements in gun making to the Ottomans; in the form of Jews fleeing from the Spanish Inquisition. Archival evidence supports the notion that the Ottoman artillery was famous for the size of its cannon, and their number; from the highly mobile antipersonnel Abus gun to the massive Great Turkish Bombard.

These bombards were a product of specialised study in the production of 'giant guns' known literally as castle smashers 'kale-kob'. Although such weapons being primarily used in sieges; where they were cast on site due to the logistical difficulties attributed to transport them there, they were used as late as when massive stone-firing guns were used with some effect against British ships during the Dardanelles Operation , throwing pound marble with a range of 1 mile.

Accuracy was achieved by using wadded shots wrapped in sheepskin with ready-measured stacks of powder. Unlike the European powder, the Ottoman powder is thought to be better for upon firing; it produced white smoke rather than black smoke.

The most famous battle in which these bronze 'bombards' were used is at the siege of Constantinople in Refine more Format Format. Items in search results. Search refinements Categories. Non Fiction 2. Format see all Format. All listings filter applied. Buy it now. Paperback 2. Special Attributes see all Special Attributes. Illustrated 1. Not specified 1. Condition see all Condition.