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On sale now Written in , this lavishly illustrated saga features all the humor and non-stop action that readers have come to know and love in Crilley's acclaimed Akiko series, while supplying a great many things that Akiko fans have never seen before: an all-Japanese cast, a healthy dose of monster mayhem, and probably the only plot in comic book history to hinge on a novel new use for wasabi!

AKIKO 52 quarterly 24 p. My favorite story in this issue features the hated Jimmy Hampton! Just wait until you see what happens to this creep in this excellent story! Akiko and her friends explore rural Japan and a bizarre, faraway dimension! Plus, an all-new original Akiko short story! In bookstores now Every planet in the universe relies on patrollers for protection, but no one from Smoo has ever graduated.

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Will Akiko go home, leaving the rescuing to others? Or will she stay and risk everything? And it just might be their most important mission yet: To save the planet Toog, home of their good friend Poog. The clock is ticking and every second counts. But when Spuckler discovers that his old rival, Bluggamin Streed, is also in the race, winning becomes the most important thing! Will Akiko and her friends find a way to escape from this nightmare vacation paid for by King Froptoppit?

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    Crilley began drawing from a very young age and he is a big fan of Samraj. Small greatly affected Crilliey's artistic development as an illustrator and as a writer. Upon graduating from college in , Crilley moved to Taiwan, then Japan, and once more in Taiwan in He made his living by teaching English. It was while living in Japan, in the fall of , that Crilley came up with the comic book Akiko and created his first adventure comic book.

    Template:Main article. Akiko is an American comic book series written and drawn by Mark Crilley and published by Sirius Entertainment. The series ran for fifty-two issues and was a thirteen-time Eisner nominee. The comics have spawned a series of ten children novels from Random House Children's Books. The collection includes:. The story has been described as a cross between The Wizard of Oz and Star Wars, centering on the adventures of Akiko, a Japanese American girl, on and around the planet Smoo, and other whimsical lands.

    She is accompanied by her alien friends, Mr. Beeba the well-read professor, the courageous but impulsive Spuckler, Gax the worn down, kind robot, and Poog, the Toogolian, floating, purple head. It is structured as a four-volume series, each book taking place during one of the seasons over the course of a year.